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A slow, gentle and meditative class, for calming mindfulness

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What to expect?

In these classes we practise fewer physical postures than traditional hatha yoga classes, but the few that we do are slow, gentle and suitable for all levels. The aim of this class is to work on awareness of the present moment, to bring the mind to calmness and to learn to observe the mind-stuff (thoughts) rather than identify with them. I started practising this style of meditation through mental health struggles, and the journey of practising this has improved my life immensely. The observance of thought and conscious awareness is rooted in the philosophical system Vedanta, although it is a concept taught widely and non-dogmatically as well in areas such as mindfulness. Simply put, if you are interested in taking some time to connect with, or awaken the space and peace within you, these classes are perfect for you. We will practise breath work, gentle slow movements and meditation. I invite you to come and rest and relax with me in this class.

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